ionizers, they remove negative ions from the air, leaving your space brighter and cleaner.

ionizers, they remove negative ions from the air, leaving your space brighter and cleaner.

Salt Lamps

All of our gourmet salts ethically and evaporative harvested containing no harsh fillers. Ancient Pink Himalayan salt contains over 80 different minerals and vitamins great for keeping you healthy and feeling great!

At soap2 we can mix up a essential oil bath salt or an amazing foot and body scrub!

Himalayan salt lamps work similar to an ionizer. The lamps permeate their surroundings with negative ions, which are believed to kill bacteria, purify the air, reduce radiation and increase well being. Not to mention they are beautiful and add a lovely feel to any room!

3-5 lb mini $22

6-8lb small aromatherapy lamp $36

6-8lb small $30

9-11lb medium aromatherapy lamp $48

9-11lb medium lamp $36

12-15 lb large lamp $48


Amy Rose Designs

Locally made hand sand blasted glass art

Beautiful hand crafted sandblasted slate, river rocks, jars, glass block vases, and flip top bottles.


Gorgeous handcrafted sterling silver jewelry celebrating the goddess!

totally recycled glass

Totally Recycled Glass

Artist Brad Axelrod uses beer bottles, liquor and wine bottles to make amazing works of art.  Using soft glass techniques he hand blows glass bottles into vases, lamps, glasses and much more!


 green hanging bottle

Two Wick’d Sisters

yard art


Two of the sweetest sister creatively collaborate to make lovely yard art and beer bottle bird feeders and soy candles  scented with essential oils! Come in and check out their beautiful recycled art!!!

beer bottle feeders




Who Knew Quilt Designs:

Jan Bitonti is a local Labor and delivery nurse and lactation consultant who discovered the joys of quilting! Her designs include

hot/cold: neck pillows, Lumbar Pillows, Owie bags

Quilted Pot Holders, Hot Handles, Tote Bags, Wall Hangings

African Handmade Baskets


These hand crafted works of art are made in Africa from both Morocco and Ghana! See them in person to really appreciate there beauty!