clean everything the green way

Clean Everything The Green Way!
Help protect the environment!

  • Reduce • Re-use • Recycle • Refill empty soap containers with high quality bulk products •
  • laundry  & dish soaps• health and beauty lotions & balms • massage oils • essential oils • safe cleaning products • gourmet salts & bath salts

At One Love Refill Station we are committed to reducing our impact on our precious planet. By reducing, reusing and recycling old containers we can protect our beautiful oceans and waterways and keep plastic out of our landfills.

We are committed to sell only the highest quality bulk soaps that are safe for both our bodies and our planet. We sell a variety of earth friendly brands. All our products are free of petroleum, paraben, phalate, phosphates, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and contain no harsh chemicals!

We are grateful to refill any container you bring although we do request it is clean to protect the new products from cross contamination.

Together we can “clean everything the green way”!!!

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